09 Apr 2017

lundi Noir 22 Janvier 2018 English

Message from the Women and Girls Movement for Peace and Security in Burundi for this Monday, 22 January 2018

This is not the first time Nkurunzinza tries to amend the Constitution in order to remain in power uninterrupted and eventually leave it as a legacy to his Offspring! He first failed in 2014 thanks to the courage of Honorable Members of the National Assembly, encouraged by the patriotic vigilance of brave men and women human rights defenders, who stood for the nation and its foundation. He is now changing tactics and proposes a Constitution revision by Referendum, hoping to win by terror on the voters and rigging of results.

For his own purposes, Nkurunziza has always used many devices. Knowing that Barundi are strong believers, he slowly and methodically made us believe that his divine power was revealed while he was still in the bush. Since then, he multiplied prayer retreats and crusades, revelations and prophecies, in such a way that any natural phenomenon as a rainbow in horizon, a heavy rain or hail was interpreted as a sign from heaven to confirm his divine anointing to rule.

Is he hoping we are all bewitched, blind and senseless not to detect his Machiavellian plans?

No, a Man with divine anointing to rule will be recognized to his fruits! Pierre Nkurunziza rules by violence, unfairness and violation of the laws and his fruits are death, torture, prison, exile, undue taxes, reminding of the colonial era that we thought had ended.

Brothers and sisters, Barundi, Barundikazi, let us not be fooled! God has not anointed Nkurunziza to arise above the law. Burundi is in need of a leader who shows love and dedication to its social cohesion and economic reconstruction, who is not after personal wealth through public goods embezzlement and who puts the interests of the people before his own.

Our leader must uplift the law and abide by it, putting forward Duty, Honor and Ubuntu before the thirst of power and wealth!

Let us rise up together, Barundi, Barundikazi and refuse with all our strength this plan of Nkurunziza to reduce and maintain us into slavery. Let us defend our Constitution, the ultimate and a powerful shield of the country and its people!

This is a message of the Women and Girls Movement for Peace and Security in Burundi.


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